• The seeds of terrorism have already been planted

    The seeds of terrorism have already been planted

    480Terrorism is alive and well in our country. That’s why the Prime Minister spoke again of the need to triumph ultimately in the ideological war…

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  • Prejudicial to the PM?

    Prejudicial to the PM?

    370We are in the middle of Ramadhan so I don’t like to write about things that will upset anyone, including the Prime Minister or his…

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  • Forgive The Star

    Forgive The Star

    100Someone sent me a Whatsapp message recently to say he had suggested to another Malay to follow my footsteps and join DAP. What is interesting…

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  • A steamboat party

    A steamboat party

    130Last week some members of Damansara DAP kindly took me out for a steamboat dinner (of the halal variety of course). I believe many of…

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