• Don’t blame non-Muslims

    Don’t blame non-Muslims

    00I believe there is a group of academics called the Council of Professors that advises the Prime Minister, and that has spoken out frequently to…

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  • Non-independent Judiciary, Part 2

    Non-independent Judiciary, Part 2

    00Who can forget those famous words of wisdom from an unknown Rabbi that said, “We are what we are fed with.”? If we have a…

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  • Our non-independent Judiciary (Part 1)

    Our non-independent Judiciary (Part 1)

    00Unlike younger lawyers, I am fortunate to belong to the earlier generation of practitioners. My generation had the opportunity to know some outstanding legal luminaries:…

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  • Politics and the courts

    Politics and the courts

    100The courts are not the place to settle political battles. Combat in courtrooms does nothing for the protagonists; it’s also expensive and slow moving. At…

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