• DAP is a Chinese Party

    DAP is a Chinese Party

    00It looks like I have a natural talent for courting controversy, even when tweeting what I thought to be a harmless comment. Last week, I…

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  • Langkawi


    20Whenever I thought about Langakwi, what always came to mind were the island’s swathes of green padi fields. But Langkawi has changed so much over…

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  • Constitutional Democracy in Malaysia

    Constitutional Democracy in Malaysia

    00Speech at the Corporate Counsel Conference Kuala Lumpur 10 April 2018 Thank you for inviting me to address this conference, especially when you know full…

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  • The speech that was never delivered

    The speech that was never delivered

    00I want to express my appreciation to PKR and YB Sivarasa Rasiah for initially inviting me to speak at a ceramah in Sungei Buloh that…

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