• How does one become Chief Justice past 66?

    How does one become Chief Justice past 66?

    50I am somewhat perplexed why people in high places are all excited about wanting Tan Sri Md Raus Sharif to be Chief Justice for many…

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  • JAKIM and dogs

    JAKIM and dogs

    130JAKIM receives almost a billion ringgit a year from taxpayers, and I don’t know if they really have that much real work to do to…

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  • Pak Samad on Malays

    Pak Samad on Malays

    10Datuk A. Samad Said is a well-known writer and a member of the DAP. In his speech in Penang he expressed concern about Malays in…

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  • PUTRAJAYA, 30 Ogos -- 1MALAYSIA... Orang ramai yang hadir pada Majlis Rumah Terbuka Aidilfitri Perdana Menteri membanjiri perkarangan Seri Perdana di sini, hari ini.
Kelihatan pelbagai kaum yang hadir begitu gembira walaupun terpaksa beratur panjang untuk berjumpa dan bersalam dengan Perdana Menteri.


    Open House

    290I normally do not do Raya Open House, except once every few years. The last one was in 2014, I think. The reason I am…

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