Don’t waste your votes on PAS

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Today, in a small kedai kopi in Kota Bharu, I was invited to participate in a discussion about the upcoming General Election with Pakatan Harapan leaders (they were from the lower ranks of the coalition’s leadership, commensurate with me, who has no rank). My message to the audience was simple: if they or their children don’t want to go to jail, they must remove Dato’ Sri Najib Razak from office as soon as possible.

Why will Najib send us to jail? Because he cannot accept criticism. Dia tidak boleh dikritik. Dia mudah rasa tersinggung. Malaysia today is a fake democracy. We cannot say anything that will displease or hurt his feelings. He is supported by mindless eunuchs in the civil service who drag his critics to court and charge them for various criminal offences. We cannot hurt his feelings. If he feels jelik, then you are in trouble. What kind of country is this? Najib wants to end politics as we know it, where there are pros and cons to most things. He will only accept kow tow politics.

No previous Prime Minister has stooped so low as to send his critics, including artists, to jail. We now have a law that says that if Najib or the people close to him feel insulted, or if we hurt their feelings, then we can be charged and end up in jail. This is a new era for the country. Many think it’s not possible for it to be real in Malaysia, but we need to wake up and see that this has already become a reality.

Most Malaysians are ready to remove him, but some still think they can do so by voting for PAS. I hope these people wake up. Don’t split your votes. PAS will not win, not even in Kelantan. PAS has abandoned the way of Tok Guru Nik Aziz, and they will pay a heavy price for it. Save your votes for the Pakatan Harapan and we will make sure we can remove the dictator.

I told the crowd not to waste time responding to those people who blamed Tun Dr Mahathir for everything that has gone wrong. Dr M left the government 18 years ago. Why didn’t those “reformists” under Najib undo the errors of Dr M? Why was the Judiciary, the Parliamentary system and the civil service had not undergone total change under Najib but instead are getting worse? Because the present state of affairs of the country is entirely his doing and no one else.

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