Malay leaders of quality

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At Gerakan Harapan Baru’s rally in Perak this past weekend, I told the 5000 crowd in Ipoh that for the next General Election we need to do only one thing to correct everything that’s wrong with our country: we need to elect honest Malay-Muslim leaders.

Today we have smart-looking and well-dressed leaders, leaders who are sons of Prime Ministers, who speak Oxford English and leaders who have wealthy brothers, sons and sons-in law. But the country needs good, honest leaders first and foremost, not the kind we have now.

Everybody, including non-Malays, accepts that Malaysia, as a predominantly Malay-Muslim country, needs to be led by a predominantly Malay-Muslim leadership. We have had Malay-Muslim leadership since 1957 but the qualities of the leaders of the past and the present differ markedly. The present UMNO and PAS leaders are useless and must be replaced.

Those in GHB want Islam to be a guiding force that fights for the poor and eliminates corruption and greed. Its not enough to champion Islam; it’s the Muslims we need to take care. GHB must want an Islam that allows Muslims to coexists peacefully with other faiths in the country. GHB must want an Islam that opposes dangerous ideas that create racial and religious strife. I believe Mat Sabu and friends will arrest crooks, not reporters and whistleblowers. I believe they will not have millions in their personal bank accounts in the Cayman Islands or in AmBank.

UMNO leaders have all been compromised in some way or another, so they are unable to clean up this Government. These are the people in the Cabinet, in government agencies like MARA, Felda, Felcra and so on. They are unable to oppose corrupt leaders because these leaders have files on them documenting their own transgressions. Is Tan Sri Muhyiddin’s latest tirade against Najib on 1MDB a sign of the unthinkable, that we are now seeing a rebellion in UMNO to fight against corrupt leaders? Probably not. Most likely its an opportunity for Muhiyuddin to take the throne himself, and nothing about cleaning up the country.

Some political night owls told me that Najib will be arrested soon. Again this has never happened before in this country where the Police issued an arrest warrant against a sitting PM, but it’s not something that we can rule out. If Najib did receive cash from the Cayman Islands, Singapore and elsewhere as alleged, then there are many criminal charges that could be levied against him.

I am inclined to think that Muhyiddin’s latest outburst is to vent his frustration at being replaced. He will get the sack, and a few more of his allies in the government will follow suit. This will be good for the country as any implosion in Umno will allow for the opposition to have a crack at them during the next election. Already PAS is cracking under the weight of the new GHB, and if its allies Umno also suffer a similar fate then the forces of good will be strong enough to overcome evil.

Anyway regardless of whether Najib is arrested or Muhyiddin sacked, or both events happening; Malaysians must all support the leaders of Gerakan Harapan Baru. They are not merely a splinter group, but represent the new mainstream. They are moderate and sensible. Because they are Malay-Muslims, they will be strong enough to counter Malay-Muslim extremists in PAS and UMNO, who will tip the country further into chaos if they are allowed to continue to rule.

We must all unite within a larger grouping of GHB, DAP and PKR, one that has a good and sensible political agenda so change in the country will be peaceful. We in the Opposition must act together and be unified in preventing extremists from breaking up this country.

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  1. Josephine Wong
    Josephine Wong
    July 27, 2015 at 1:28 pm

    Agree wholeheartedly!!

  2. LEE KENG Hoon
    LEE KENG Hoon
    July 27, 2015 at 2:27 pm

    If Malays or Muslims were to migrate and obtain citizenship in another country, would the Malay/Muslim agree to be less equal than any citizen of the country? Malays in Singapore and Thailand are minorities in these countries. Do Malays in Malaysia accept that because they are minorities they can be treated less that equal to other Singapore of Thai citizens? Surely and definitely not, right?
    How then is it possible for the Malays in this country to allow, agree, acquiesce and uphold the unequal treatment of non-Malays whose ancestors may have been here longer than most of their own ancestors?
    How is it that people who profess to believe in a universal religion relevant for all for all times can ignore, go against the basic tenet of their fate that humans are created by God in different forms so that they may know one another?

  3. henry ong
    henry ong
    July 27, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    A few months back I wrote that Malaysia because of declining Chinese population, the
    Chinese party in B.N. will be irrelevant to the success of winning elections.
    The 3 top posts that PM,DPM & Defence Minister must be held by Malays, Muslims or
    Orang Asal of Sabah & Sarawak.

    In order to have racial peace this should be the way. As Datuk Zaid said the Malay

    leadership must be honest. Way to go.

  4. razorblades
    July 28, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    The analysis is good, as always. Though, after so many good articles I wonder what actually happens in real life; on the ground. Good arguments until the cows come home do not necessarily change a situation for the better.

    And, personally, I rather think RPK was right in one of his most recent articles on the same topic, when he wrote that the Malay majority couldn’t care less about honestly or embezzlement – if only their leader is a Malay.

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