Merdeka? What Merdeka?

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China’s control over Malaysia will become complete if Datuk Seri Najib Razak remains in power after the upcoming General Election. It will be irreversible, and it will render our struggle for independence in 1957 meaningless. The Chinese outgoing ambassador’s protestation that China is not interested to “occupy” Malaysia is hollow.

That was the crux of my speech recently to a crowd of about 300 in the small towns of Temangan, and Semerak in Kelantan. If we want a superpower like China to dictate our future, then go ahead and vote for Najib to continue as our Prime Minister.

Today, China is the country we depend on to build our housing, industries, supermarkets, railroads, ports, and energy sector. They will undertake all the big projects and the big supermarkets; which most of our people cannot afford to patronise. They create their own “markets”. They will “help” the country as we go along, but only if it’s beneficial to them.

For a start Najib promised to build in total 500,000 PR1MA affordable homes in since 2012, (look at all of his budget speeches for the last six years), but he could not deliver. He again promised another 210,000 homes in the last budget. Has he ever informed Parliament how many PRIMA homes have been constructed and delivered since 2012? He is as always a great promisor, but he has no money to deliver.

China’s money is the only way he can keep his promise to built affordable homes. China will one day pay for our salaries because we have already reached the ceiling of our national debt in relation to our GDP. It’s China we will depend on to salvage FELDA and MARA because we have no money left to do it on our own. Don’t be surprised if Felda Global Ventures will be taken over and the settlers will be hard pressed to reclaim their lands.

Sabah and Sarawak have accepted so many investments from China that they are more likely to be dependent on China than West Malaysia. Soon, Edra Energy, which is 100 percent owned by China, will be able to dictate to Tenaga Nasional Berhad how much tariff we the consumers must pay for electricity. Malaysia Airlines now flies to more destinations in China than any other international airline, and it’s likely that China will soon dictate where MAS’s next destinations will be, as if it were a China domestic airline.

The price of our own Musang King durian is now beyond reach for most of us because Najib has successfully brought it to China. China investments are now so huge that they practically already own not only our fruits but our country.

So I told the Malays in the smaller towns that today, UMNO/BN has a special relationship with China and the Communist party. Today we only send delegates to their party’s Congress but tomorrow, they will instruct us what the policies we need, and how our country will be run. A vote for Najib is a vote for foreign control and hegemony over us. I asked them to think hard.

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  1. Joe
    November 5, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    Najib claim of lost of soverign is “kepala otak”. Well taking bribe in defense contract with French govt companies is treason and list of soverignty. If ANY China project help pay any 1MDB problems, it’s lost of soverignty.

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