No proof taking UMNO’s money?

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Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi, the PAS Member of Parliament for Temerloh (who will surely lose his deposit if he contests for that seat again in the upcoming polls), said there has so far been no proof that either the Prime Minister or UMNO has given his party lots of money.

He was speaking at a function called Fastaqim (I am not sure what that means) in Terengganu a few days ago. This is the same PAS leader who said people should not make PAS’ relationship with UMNO an issue because both parties are doing God’s work. If that’s true, then why get upset about accusations that they also share a common pool? Just admit it and continue with God’s work. Why be bothered by the accusation? Yet they are forever threatening anyone who says otherwise with a legal suit.

First, it was Nasharudin Mat Isa — Datuk Sri Najib Razak’s close ally, owner of five cars and one-time PAS Deputy President — who threatened Keadilan Vice-President Rafizi Ramli for alleging (by way of statutory declaration) that the former received millions from Najib. Until today, we have not heard of him filing a suit.

Then PAS Legal Committee head Datuk Wan Mutalib Embong threatened to sue Datuk Paduka Husam Musa for saying in a public speech a few months ago that UMNO had made millions of Ringgit available to PAS. So far, Husam Musa has not received any legal demands from PAS.

Lately, well-known former journalist Datuk A. Kadir Jasin mentioned speculation in coffee shops about a key Najib ally and former senior PAS leader who allegedly received tons of money from the PM before squandering it all in a cosmetics business.

I just want Nasrudin Tantawi to know this: “proof” has different meanings and there are different ways of proving something, depending on the subject we are talking about. If we want to prove that God exists, for example, we do so by deduction. We will say that since things or matter cannot exist on their own, then there must be a Creator or Maker, i.e. God. That kind of reasoning to prove a fact, however, will not be accepted in a court of law since the judge will want you to bring in primary evidence, for example, someone who has seen God. Otherwise, it will be hearsay.

However, in the upcoming General Election, Malaysians will not be insisting on primary or documentary evidence to show money flowed from Najib/UMNO to PAS or Nasharudin Mat Isa. They will not be bothered by primary evidence because they know political funding in Malaysia is done through intermediaries, and mostly by cash. It’s hard to find proof for that sort of thing but Malaysian voters are not stupid. They are familiar with Najib’s ways of helping his political allies.

He even gave millions to political parties like MCA and MIC, and wealthy UMNO Division leaders who are his allies. It is therefore unlikely that he will not also give money to PAS after all the support that its president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has given him since 2014. In fact, if both PAS and UMNO are doing God’s work, as Nasrudin claims, it’s impossible for Najib — being the generous man that he is — not to give PAS the necessary financial help.

When we walk into the bushes and hear a hissing sound, it’s reasonable to assume that there is a snake in the vicinity. This is not primary proof, but it’s a reasonable assumption since snakes are known to hiss. It would be stupid and dangerous not to make that assumption.

Likewise, no one will believe that PAS has been able to finance its slate of public programmes by collecting money from its members, as party leaders have claimed. These programmes include the International Hudud Conference in Singapore, the World Ulamak meeting in Hadi’s hometown of Rusila in 2015 and the gathering of more than 50,000 supporters of RU355 at Padang Merbok in Kuala Lumpur. There are also the legal fees involved in engaging top lawyers in London to sue Sarawak Report’s Clare Rewcastle Brown. So voters are entitled to assume that wealthy political allies are helping PAS financially, unless the party can show their financial accounts (duly audited) that they did indeed collect millions from their members.

To PAS leaders, I say this: you will all lose your deposits this time around. The thing everyone hates most is when so-called religious people start stealing money or sharing in the loot of stolen property. Voters hate “religious people” flaunting their wealth and behaving like UMNO leaders. The people will reject pretenders who claim to be fighting for Islam, but in actual fact are just having lots of fun making money. These pretenders will be punished.

The people also hate liars. You will not be able to prove to them that you have not taken money from UMNO. You will not be able to prove that many of your leaders’ wealth, which includes a long list of luxury cars, came from a monthly salary or family inheritance.

So you see, it’s not the voters who have to find proof about you and Najib, or the things you do together. It’s you who have to prove to us all that you are genuine and honest. It’s not enough that you say you are fighting for Islam. We know when we are surrounded by snakes, especially when the hissing has grown so loud.

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  1. Joe
    October 3, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    Hadi Awang has admitted that his PAS goal is not to win the GE which implies they know they are playing spolier. A party that based its ideology on moral authority IS LYING, cicumstancial evidence prove corruption, has SLANDERED its so-called enemies who in fact have done nothing but be consistent, and yet its hard core member remain loyal to their leader. Hadi’s PAS is not even HALAL – and they have the gall to claim its their right to the power of Syariah law when they cannot meet the standards.

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