Nothing To Hide, On Sunday

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I hope many Malaysians will turn up to watch the programme Nothing To Hide this Sunday in Shah Alam. Tun M will be there to present his case, and hopefully the PM will also be there to refute them. This Sunday event is a start in how to win over the false thinking of UMNO and PAS supporters.

Today we are witnessing the greatest decline in the history of the Malays as a people because when they follow UMNO and PAS, they are encouraged not to think clearly and straight. When they are busy touting more power to the elites, such as the Royals, Prime Minister, JAKIM, Shariah Court, Police and MACC, ordinary Malays are left struggling to make ends meet. More disturbing and damaging to the community is their inability to perform the simplest task; that is to think straight. I have two examples as proof.

They are excited in looking into ways of how Tun M had allegedly caused losses in the billions of Ringgit in forex trading by Bank Negara 30 years ago, but would do nothing to discover how losses in the billions of Ringgit have happened today under the present administration. How stupid can that be? Losses in the past, irrespective of whose fault, could not make any difference to the people of this country, whereas if we have the ability to know what happened to the losses under the present PM, some things could be rectified and some good will come out of it.

The recent furore about Bin Abdullah is another example of them not knowing how to think straight. This problem goes up to the highest level of government. The Registration Department has been doing something unlawful, not permitted by law by registering babies born out of wedlock with the surname bin Abdullah, and not the natural father, for many years now. When the Court says it’s unlawful they are not happy and threaten not to follow the decision.

The National Registration Department is an organ of the Federal Government. They are expected to follow federal law and practices approved by the Federal government. Fatwa or religious edicts are made by the state government. For the benefit of the Registration Dept, a fatwa is not law, and even if they are law, they are state law. There is no such thing as a Federal fatwa, or a federal Islamic law. As a federal department, they should be able to understand this simple fact. The reason they are not able to is because they cannot think straight

This mammoth task to explain everything under the sun to the confused PAS and UMNO supporters fall on all of us. Unless they can think straight, it’s impossible for them to cast the vote properly and wisely. Having engagement sessions, public discussions and debates on all important issues need to be enhanced at all levels. Stupidity is not easy to overcome except by lengthy and tedious explanations. The approach of the opposition leaders that they have nothing to hide is laudable and many others need to come forward to challenge these UMNO/BN leaders.

For example, it will be useful if we have some potential Pakatan Ministers to come forward to challenge the BN Ministers that they both agree to fully declare and explain their assets to the public. It will be great if say the top 5 Pakatan potential Ministers come forward, and challenge Najib, Hishammuddin, Zahid, Liow and Khairy Jamaluddin to declare their assets and that of their spouse and children. New revelations and new facts can help bring excitement to this general election, at the same time reducing the level of stupidity in our country.

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  1. Joe
    August 11, 2017 at 6:44 pm

    What bugs me more than anything about this “bin Abdullah” thing is they are shouting its Islamic, about Islam etc because its in the Syariah code. Fact of the matter is record shows the practice PRE-DATES ISLAM, its literally tribal and medieval because it was meant to protect the inheritance of those in power..Seriously they will not even admit the fact the damn thing is JUST OLD PRACTICE ISLAM ADOPTED AND COULD BE WRONG as if it will break some bubble they fear will destroy everything..Well, it proves strict traditional Islamic practises ARE A BUBBLE and HALUCINATION

    1. Wayne You Nerd
      Wayne You Nerd
      August 12, 2017 at 12:23 am

      And why is giving the out-of-wedlock child his/her father’s surname so that that father must be responsible for his child is considered ‘zina’ by the Muslim authorities? The leap of logic of that thinking is just stupefying.

  2. Joe
    August 13, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Najib in Bukit Katil, just accuse Mahathir (with PH) of being a party of lust or desire rather than of ideal. The most kleptocratic and wanton leader Malaysia has ever had accusing others of being driven by selfishness.

    You have ask what how sociopathic Najib really is – to turn the finger pointing at him to others is very psychotic, pathological. This man, whose own father revealed his own self-indulgence since young and we all know it, true has successfully swept personal records under the carpet for years but much of public records betrays him, is demanding the real world not use their head and allow him the hypocrisy he has been used to all his life..

    Najib is not just a thief, he is mentally sick..

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