One last contribution for the opposition!

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I have done all that I could for the cause of the opposition in the last nine years. I write on many important issues; I joined opposition parties, I gave speeches; and even sponsored many opposition events with whatever little money I have. I have been charged for some offences, and I have exhausted all avenues in the Malaysian courts to get the Attorney-General to act against the culprits responsible for the grand theft of 1MDB.

I tried to get AmBank to disclose the statement of accounts where money from 1MDB was remitted to, so that we could establish if it went to the Prime Minster’s account or whether the money came from a Saudi prince. But they all said that I had no locus standi as I was not a shareholder or a Director of 1MDB.

I was in Sydney last week to instruct Levitt Robinson Solicitors to explore the possibility of suing ANZ Bank in Australia to recover the RM2.6 billion that was stolen from 1MDB. ANZ, an Australian entity, was managing AmBank at the material time and is still a shareholder of AmBank in Malaysia. I believe ANZ was responsible, either directly or indirectly, for the laundering of money that belongs to the people of this country. This is my last bit of contribution before May 9th 2018.

I still have to overcome the locus standi hurdle in Australia but I believe the country’s laws are wider in scope, and as a result its courts have allowed those with special interests to litigate. Australian courts will not tolerate illegality of any shape or form by its corporations, even if the deed was carried out outside of Australia. This puts me in good stead.

I am hopeful that Stewart Levitt will take my case, and act on behalf of Malaysians who have been deprived of the benefits that 1MDB would have brought them if it had been managed properly and no funds had been stolen. I want the case to be placed before the Australian court with the commitment that, should any funds be awarded by way of damages from ANZ Bank, the court will supervise its use wholly and exclusively for the benefit of Malaysia’s poor. This would include providing better education, more scholarships and better social services, the very ones 1MDB was meant to finance.

We can only do so much, but going out in full force to vote on May 9th is most important of them all.

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