Prejudicial to the PM?

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We are in the middle of Ramadhan so I don’t like to write about things that will upset anyone, including the Prime Minister or his lawyers. But their Press statement yesterday that they need to intervene in my case against AmBank Islamic Berhad on the grounds that me getting his bank statements would be gravely prejudicial to the PM needs explanation.

The Prime Minister’s Office should be sensible enough to know that what I am doing is actually going to clear the PM’s name. Getting his bank statements out in the open will clearly show the truth of the allegations that have been made against him. Through this magical bank account — the PM was apparently unaware that SRC money was credited into it — millions were paid out to so many people, some of whom were well-known and others less so. When we have sight of the accounts the whole matter can be resolved quickly, after which we can move on to talking about an alcohol ban, TN50 or whatever else is important for the country. How can such a disclosure be deemed prejudicial?

It will be gravely prejudicial to the Prime Minister only if the account shows that those payments, including the big one to Special Prosecutor Muhammed Shafee Abdullah, were made and that the monies in that account came from taxpayers. It will be gravely prejudicial if the payments to Shafee can then be traced to other well-known personalities. It will also be gravely prejudicial if the disclosure of the account reveals other payments to Barisan Nasional leaders. In other words, it will be “gravely prejudicial” to the Prime Minister if it proves that what the Sarawak Report says is all true.

Does anyone in the country know the meaning of “cover-up”? It means a planned effort to hide a dishonest, immoral or illegal act or situation. It is an action that is meant to prevent people from knowing the truth about something. I have been in and out of court in the last year or so simply because I don’t want any cover-up of any illegal or dishonest acts by our leaders. That’s why I took this action against Ambank. I also sought a declaration for judicial review of the Attorney-General’s decision not to take any action against the PM because I did not want the courts to be used as an instrument for a cover-up. I have not been successful so far, but I will continue.

I may not succeed in the end, but as good Muslims, I think we should not just be interested in halal food but halal conduct as well. Having leaders who are dishonest is one thing, but having them engaged in cover-ups is the red line. It’s pathetic and shameful that in this holy month, Muslims can only show how hypocritical and shallow they have become when they do nothing about cover-ups.

My friend R. Sivarasa was reprimanded for talking to his constituents in a mosque, but it’s okay if you are a BN Minister. Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor was happily doling out goodies and praising the Prime Minister in another mosque. Some Malays are arrested and shamed for eating in public, but the Islamic establishment does not seem to care about or understand the meaning of a cover-up.

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  1. Eng Hoe Lim
    Eng Hoe Lim
    June 4, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    Absolutely brilliant. One of the best I’ve read from you. Our nation .. any nation .. cannot function unless it is built on integrity and trust which must of course require sufficient transparency (except for genuine state secrets that might be used against us by enemy states that are a potential threat to us). No government can serve its nation if it is battling against its own citizens and perceives its own citizens as a threat to its hold on power. If “Nothing to hide” is acting in a way that shows it has “Everything to hide” then it is “Res Ipsa Loquitor” – the thing speaks for itself.

  2. Joe
    June 5, 2017 at 4:58 am

    The arguments are so obviously true and even nationally important. Unfortunately it’s too sophisticated or unsensational to the mindset of the Religo- hallucinating Malay or even PAS or the materially desperate Sarawakians and Sabahan to understand and get behind.

    Unfortunately, the only way to make them understand why it’s important is that if it’s true, then Anwar MUST be free and Najib and UMNO, even with PAS help can be defeated.

    And that is why the case will be thwarted.

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