Save Kelantan, and Malays will be saved

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Many have asked me if the recent close collaboration among UMNO, right-wing Islamic groups and the so-called “Islamic party” PAS ahead of the coming General Election bodes well for the country.

A certain Chinese academic was quoted as saying that this development would be good for the country because it would bring stability. He even suggested that hudud and Act 355 would be positive because it would please Malays and hence bring stability, which would, in turn, bring foreign investment.

This academic is a moron. There will not be stability when the poor Malays have their hands chopped off for stealing while rich Malays can steal with impunity. There will not be stability when Malays are culturally deprived or when they become mentally weak and economically irrelevant because they buy into the nonsense that PAS teaches them about the world we live in.

Malays will be poor because their obsession with PAS’ teachings distracts them from developing their human potential. Maybe this academic is also a closet racist because he does not want the Malays to progress.

This is why, for this election period, I will be spending a lot of time in my own state of Kelantan. I will try to tell as many voters as I can that PAS rule must end.

Malays must progress economically and they must remain moderate in their outlook. They must go back to the days when they were a tolerant and happy people. They must go back to the days when they were able to develop their well-known entrepreneurial skills and business ways. They must go back to the days when their culture and traditions were respected and allowed to grow.

UMNO, PAS and the right-wing Islamic groups will try their best to retain their grip on power, but they must be defeated. They represent the worst that we can possibly have: greed and hypocrisy. They tell lies in the name of God and they will continue to steal the country’s riches and make the rest of the people poor.

The coming election will determine if Malays can be saved. A PAS defeat in Kelantan will be the key to their revival.

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One Comment

  1. Joe
    October 5, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    Annuar Musa says UMNO and PAS share the same DNA. It may be so BUT what is even more certain is they share the same infectious malignant disease – Slander, Lies, Corruption, Abuse of Power – the only difference its based on deep deep religious believe that is a stranglehold on them because they believe their faith and those they entrust with it can never possibly do any evil.

    Admirable it may be to change them but fact is this thing came out from the Middle East that is today still stuck in medieval times and has been racketed for a long time, even Wahhabism is coming close to a century old racketeering. The history of racketeering is, its not so easy to rid off. The Mafia, a highly demanding system, was created less than a hundred years ago and the US govt have tried to get rid of it for almost half a century with a great deal of success but they continue to evolve and rebirth.

    This is not about getting rid of a racket but rather to replace with another one, a better one and that is still not easy. The first to go through the wall will be bloodied.

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