The irrelevant Malay

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There are many who fit the above description, but before I name them let me first explain what kind of Malay is irrelevant.

They are those who talk a lot about the “right way” and the “correct way”, and they want us to think that they belong to that category of “right and correct” people. They use public spaces under their command (because of their positions in the Government) and they usually make pronouncements that attract headlines in news media and amongst Facebook users.

They think that because they are able to issue sensational statements, they must be making some kind of impact on society and the country. They probably think they grow in importance as a result.

Just the other day the man called Zamihan Mat Zin from JAKIM (who recently received a doctorate from a local university for God knows what) blasted Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to do good deeds and stay out of politics because he is close to death (he is 93 years old).

This man Zamihan, described by some as a “religious scholar”, obviously does not understand that no one knows his or her time of death. This arrogant, rude and irresponsible civil servant by the name of Zamihan is obviously a fascist, judging by the statements he has made in the past. He is certainly fearful that his political masters are facing their “political deaths”, which is why he is so desperately pleading for Tun Dr Mahathir to cease his struggle.

Incidentally, this obtuse scholar once threatened to sue me, but he has not done so. I wonder why.

This is an example of a so-called Malay-Muslim “intellectual” or “scholar” (for lack of better terms) who is irrelevant. Such people gain notoriety by being rude, obnoxious and for uttering complete nonsense. These people show a total lack of respect for others.

Zamihan is an example of an irrelevant Malay. He may earn a high salary or even recognition from some institution that confers him a title, but it truly does not matter what he says. People nowadays are able to think clearly about national issues, including whether Tun Dr Mahathir is doing a good deed or not, and they don’t need the advice of someone like Zamihan.

Next, we have a senior JAKIM officer called Mohd Izwan Yusof who made a grand announcement that the religious authority needed to establish the identity and gender of the cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat Kamaruzzaman. He said that JAKIM would need at least a month to complete the process.

I have no idea what the process entails. Nur Sajat is a celebrity entrepreneur and JAKIM thinks it’s somehow its business to verify and identify the gender and sexual orientation of Muslims, including her. It must be stressful for Nur Sajat but I hope she will be strong. No one can change her identity. To her, I say: “You are who you are. Live your life as only you know best.”

Non-Muslims are obviously of no concern to JAKIM and the Government, but this is yet another example of Muslim leaders and organisations spending taxpayers’ money and wasting everybody’s time just because they are “busybodies” and have nothing better to do.

They can verify and certify and clarify and identify whatever they want about Nur Sajat’s body or sexual orientation, or about any of the thousands of transgenders and crossdressers, and gays and lesbians who call Malaysia home, but at the end of the day, people are people.

JAKIM can send them to rehabilitation centres and may even punish them, but nothing will change. Hormones will not change and behaviour does not change just because JAKIM wills it so. We are what we are and this is something the irrelevant Malays don’t understand.

The irrelevant Malays know nothing about the real world. They know only what they are taught by fake gurus and fake moralists. They know nothing about science or biology. They only know how to say nasty things about others.

The truth is nothing the irrelevant Malays say or do will make much difference because they themselves have no “identity”. They live their lives as parrots, repeating whatever their masters tell them to say. And they get their validation only from their own kind. No one else recognises them.

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  1. Joe
    January 24, 2018 at 9:05 am

    Mat Sabu goes around saying Nik Aziz had predicted that UMNO would fall when its two main support – MCA and MIC fall. MCA and MIC has fallen as Nik Aziz predicted BUT now its the Ulamas that hold up UMNO. Fact of the matter, MOST of the Malaysia Islamic Religo Establishment has discredited themselves by Najib still in office. Its one thing if Najib was talented or very able, or exceptional character or quality BUT HE IS NOT. He is mediocre, disposable, and has led a life of indulgence and screw-ups. He has been a cheater and liar all his life. He got where he is by firstly inheritance of his father’s legacy, patronage of Mahathir who was indebted to his father, and corrupt and buying his way to the top with stolen money HIS ENTIRE CAREER. UMNO should have already gotten rid of him by natural self-survival instinct. UMNO not ridding of Najib just means most of them are too much like him. BUT Ulamas now propping up both Najib and UMNO just a condemnation of entire Islamic religious class in this country..

  2. Marge Pinot
    Marge Pinot
    January 27, 2018 at 1:47 pm

    Zaid, lamenting the “irrelevant” Malay is not going to help. What are you going to do about it? What is Mahathir, if PH wins, going to do about it? This is a class of Malay that Mahathir himself created, remember? It suited him to have this “underclass” of ill-informed and backward Malay. They cannot possibly be irrelevant because they form the majority of the Malay population. Without them, not even Mahathir could have clung on to power for 22 years. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? I don’t think so.

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