The “New Malays”

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“New Malays”—that’s the expression we heard at the Bumiputera Congress last month. I think it means that, from now on, Malays or Bumiputera who are getting Government’s “help” in securing any contract, should be restricted only to those who have the ability and capacity to undertake the work or project themselves. This change in policy suggests that the government, for over 40 years, was duped into thinking that the Malays who were given the contracts or concession, in those days, were all capable and undertook the work themselves.

The new Government, fresh from this realization, is taking steps to punish Malays and Bumiputera who “sell” their projects to non-Malays, as this is believed to be a form of economic sabotage. In fact, the Government is drafting a new law to prevent Malays from “selling” their projects to others.

I wish to advise Malays to be careful when they go into joint ventures or enter into “sub-sale “ contracts with non-Malays lest they are accused of infringing the new law. They must avoid the embarrassment of being charged with economic sabotage or accusations of being mere “tools” of the Chinese.

One possible way for the new Malay to avoid being accused of selling the contracts is for him to tell the Government to award the contract to a non-Malay. The new Malay can then enter into the usual “arrangement” with the Chinese; just like the way things are done now; except that at present the contract or licence is under a Malay name. Just reverse the process, and no charge of economic sabotage can be levelled against you. In that way, you won’t need to prove that you are capable enough to do any work because the project will not be in your name. At least your dignity will be intact.

Since New Malays are now prohibited from selling their contracts, I suggest that they start aggressively selling their 14-15-year-old daughters in marriage. There are many old men who are always on the lookout to add young girls to their quota of “supplementary wives”.

Their political leaders seem to be all for child marriage, although they must occasionally try to sound progressive and modern because they are from Pakatan Harapan.

They will just send officers from the relevant Ministry to find out if the girls have been “married off” freely with the girls’ consent. Since the daughter is too young to know what is good for her, she will say whatever her parents want to hear.

She will say all the good things about being married to the old man. She has no way of knowing the biological damage to her body, damage to her emotional wellbeing or to her career prospects by getting married at such an early age.

She is just a commodity to be bought and sold and has no say about the life that is in store for her. She just becomes a wife because she thinks that is what her parents want.

For Malays who have no young daughters to sell, I suggest you join UMNO. You do not have to be interested in public service or politics, and being in UMNO now is a precious commodity.

You’ll have the opportunity to sell your “political clout” to other Malay parties that are in power. Of course, when you move from UMNO to these other parties, you must have a good speechwriter who will explain why you made the move.

Just say that UMNO is irrelevant or unable to change to save the Malays, Islam and the Royalty. Spice up your speech with words like “inclusiveness” and say how “moderate politics” is your “struggle”, and you will be accepted. You might even get some economic benefits from the exercise.

If you are old and of little ability to procure contracts, and have no young daughters to sell, join me at Sungei Lembing next week to watch the sunrise at Bukit Panorama!

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