There’s some good in me

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In the last few days, I have read many things that have been said about me since I announced earlier this week that I was joining DAP. The Barisan Nasional and their cyber troopers, especially, have said plenty of things that would make you cry.

I am not about to respond to them again. Today, I wish to address my friends and supporters who have their concerns about my new involvement in party politics. They have genuine concerns which I must deal with.

First, they are concerned about whether I am a team player and whether I have staying power. Of course I am a team player; I would not have lasted 25 years in UMNO otherwise, not with all the suspensions and difficult patches I went through with party leaders. I also lasted 24 years in the law firm that I built from scratch. I am certainly not a prima donna, as people who know me can attest to. I come from a humble background and it’s not my style to stride about like a peacock flaunting my feathers.

To those who label me power crazy, I say that giving up a Ministerial position, as I did, should tell them a few things about me.

Then there are those who call me a “wild horse”, a label that came about when I was a Minister tasked with carrying out law reform. I was described as a bull in a china shop trying to change the world in 30 days.

The truth is, I only had a small window of opportunity to carry out my responsibilities. I knew that Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was being pushed out as Prime Minister, so I tried to do as many things as possible before that happened. This included pushing for compensation for the judges who had been dismissed in 1988. I was also part of the team that started the framework for the establishment of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, and that worked on the Judicial Appointments Commission.

I hope those who are happy that I have joined active politics again will not worry anymore. I am more experienced in Opposition politics now and I am also much older. I will pace myself. I have a number of good qualities too: I am frank and open with my views, I don’t harbour grudges and I do not scheme or manipulate others to gain position and power. I don’t stab my colleagues in the back. I hope this will assure those who stand by me — I am thankful for your support.

I look forward to working with Opposition leaders. I hope that we will be a cohesive and united team so that the aspirations of the rakyat can be realised. I am not promising anything more than that, but I will definitely give my utmost for the cause of reform and change of government.

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