Why I want to be an MP again

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I hope to be a Member of Parliament again after the upcoming General Election because there are so many things wrong with our country. It is grossly irresponsible for anyone not to be involved in the effort to change this government in some way, even if it’s just to speak up without fear to highlight the important issues affecting the rakyat.

I do not see myself in government even if the Opposition wins, but I hope to be a voice that can persuade and convince leaders of the core issues we have to address. I cannot wait for the Pakatan Harapan to address the real issues facing the people of this country, because right now they are busy dealing with PAS and Azmin Ali.

Here are my ideas for the next government.

Malaysia must remain a democracy, and that means the power of the Prime Minister will have to be checked. We have to treat our Prime Minister like other democracies treat their leaders, not like how North Korea treats Kim Jung-un. We have to make our Prime Minister accountable to other institutions of government, unlike our present PM who behaves like an Emperor. One Najib is enough for any country!

Malaysia must not be a Taliban country that is run by a theocracy, by ulama’s chosen by PAS and UMNO. This country must remain free, even for Muslims. They must be protected from these wannabe Taliban leaders who are not interested in the Muslim community’s general well-being.

Muslims here must be like Muslims in England, America and elsewhere where they can choose to be modern and progressive, even sinful if that’s what they want to be. They must be able to excel in business and education. Muslims here must not be backward and stupid, like some Muslims elsewhere.

Malaysia must not continue to be a haven where the super-rich can make super profits, and the only price they pay is taking care of the ruling oligarchs and sponsoring some poor souls to Mecca for the pilgrimage. This country must no longer be a haven for big superpowers and big corporations to control and monopolise our resources.

It’s time we give the people of this country what’s due to them. Their fair share of the country’s wealth means better and more affordable public health care, better public schools and a better public transport system. We must provide and protect the poor and less privileged. I hope to represent them because for far too long now, this Government has only taken care of the rich and the elites.

There is no difference between the problems faced by poor Malays, Indians and Chinese in the towns or the poor Orang Asli in the interior areas. They need more support, more facilities and more care from their leaders. They need the Government to subsidise their cost of living and they need jobs. We must turn this country into a viable and responsible welfare state because poor people need a responsible government to help them.

Malaysia must never be a Malay- or Muslim-first country, or a Chinese-first country for that matter. It has to be a country for all of its people. We must forge unity, and for this to succeed we must know the meaning of fairness. Fairness must be our creed, and we must always treat others the way we expect them to treat us. There is no place for hegemony if we want Malaysia to be a prosperous and happy country. There is no place for a false sense of Ketuanan, because we as a people need to be united.

The world of the future will be controlled by superpowers, super corporations and super economic blocs. We may think that clustering ourselves around religion or ethnicity — as envisaged by Utusan Malaysia and Hadi Awang — will protect us, but they won’t. All they can muster to overcome the superpowers and the super economic blocs will be emotional outbursts. Only a strong national government with a heart for the people can give us hope.

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One Comment

  1. Joe
    September 4, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Frankly, the first in line to not agree with you is Hadi Awang (and his PAS) who have stated exactly otherwise and Najib, even if does not say so, cynically think you are delusional.

    In not so many words, what you are saying is those who vote for UMNO/BN and Hadi’s PAS in the coming GE can only be because they are racist, a thief/selfish opportunist or have false pride/delusional about Islam. There are no other reason. Period.

    There is no REAL issue of race and religion, PH is Malay Muslim, led by Malay Muslim that are more accountable. There is no issue of development because Pakatan after two terms proven they govern better. There is not even issue of social justice or even handouts like BR1M and to Felda settlers because PH will never dare to remove them. Even for Sarawak and Sabah, the projects already launched will be finished and better ones will be done.

    Nope only 3 reason to vote for UMNO/BN or Hadi’s PAS – racist, a thief, or delusional.

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