• Alpha Malays National Organisation (AMNO)

    Alpha Malays National Organisation (AMNO)

    At last, some prominent Malays have decided to speak up to save the race and this country from becoming an ISIS state. Better late than…

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  • I am not a “Chinese apologist”

    I am not a “Chinese apologist”

    The performance by UMNO leaders at their recent General Assembly has convinced me that ISMA, Datuk Ibrahim Ali and their UMNO sponsors have succeeded in…

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  • Courage and cowardice

    Courage and cowardice

    Every time we have this spectacle called the UMNO General Assembly, everyone hopes against hope that something positive will come out of it, some sign…

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  • “Malays Unite”

    “Malays Unite”

    This slogan is a tad too old and uninspiring, and it rings hollow as a rallying cry for this year’s UMNO General Assembly. Malays are…

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