• Bad advice to Amanah?

    Bad advice to Amanah?

    00So now we have a number of political analysts and pundits who think that I gave Amanah bad advice when I suggested that the party…

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  • Hati Batu

    Hati Batu

    00Terlebih dahulu saya ingin mengucapkan Terima Kasih kepada YBhg. Datuk Husam Musa yang menjemput saya ke sini untuk mengambil bahagian di dalam forum ini. Sebagai…

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  • Save Anwar please

    Save Anwar please

    00I read somewhere that, soon, there will be another Bersih rally — this time on 1MDB and whatever else that ails the country. I am…

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  • The curse of being irrelevant

    The curse of being irrelevant

    00I was away from the country for two weeks, which was quite a long time for me. What I normally miss most when I’m away…

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