• The rogues have “Everything to Hide”

    The rogues have “Everything to Hide”

    30I was at the forum styled “Nothing to Hide 2.0”. It was quite a frightening moment for me. When the flares were thrown from the…

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  • Nothing To Hide, On Sunday

    Nothing To Hide, On Sunday

    120I hope many Malaysians will turn up to watch the programme Nothing To Hide this Sunday in Shah Alam. Tun M will be there to…

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  • Our nauseating elites

    Our nauseating elites

    40The leaders and elites of our country have shown once again how useless they are when it comes to defending the institutions and values we…

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  • Filem “Malay Regiment”

    Filem “Malay Regiment”

    30Setiap kali kita menyambut perayaan Merdeka pada 31hb Ogos, maka akan timbullah filem propaganda UMNO yang menunjukkan orang Cina sebagai musuh negara. Tahun lalu filem “Tanda Putra”…

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