• Honourable men

    Honourable men

    In the space of a week, we have witnessed two important events that have far-reaching consequence for the country. First was the “interview” conducted by…

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  • Let’s all grow up

    Let’s all grow up

    Former IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan and former Bukit Aman CID Chief Tan Sri Zaman Khan are passionate about retaining the Sedition Act, as are…

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  • Why apartheid was better

    Why apartheid was better

    The whole world, including Malaysia, condemned apartheid when it was in place in South Africa. This racist and inhumane policy segregated and discriminated against the…

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  • The age of sedition

    The age of sedition

    This is the age of sedition in Malaysia. If you are a non-Malay or non-Muslim, be very careful what you tweet and post on Facebook—you…

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